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2018 WIA Events

This year’s WIA events theme is “structures of power”. These “structures” can be internal or external; they can be psychological, societal, spatial, or digital. We hope that, through this year’s events, we will gain insight into the social and cultural structures we work within, and how to negotiate and balance moments of leading with moments of following. The cycle will be split into three parts:

  • Structuring Self (Spring) – how to design and develop a career for yourself
  • Negotiating Structures (Summer) – strategies for advancement and communication
  • Expanding Structures (Autumn) – connecting with industries, events, and topics beyond architecture

Join us at the events listed below to explore these power structures with us.

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Mentoring Program Kick-Off 2017

This will be a co-sponsored event with the AIASCV WIA, EPC, and AIASMC. Open to all experience levels!

We will kick off the evening with food, drinks, and time to mingle as a larger group. Then we will move into short rounds of one on one discussions, to find your match of like-minded folks. Each group will consist of multiple experience levels, so everyone has an opportunity to learn. Forms will be provided (if you have not received one already) to fill out a little bit about who you are and what you like, so we can help match you up with the perfect group!

*Existing groups that would like to remain intact will have the opportunity to meet separately during the one-on-one discussion time

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