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The WIA (Women in Architecture) is a subcommittee of the AIA Silicon Valley. Founded in 2015, the committee’s focus is on expanding equity, equality, and diversity in the profession of architecture. The WIA offers programs which empower and support women as they establish their professional identities, develop their career paths, and find their leadership direction. Gender serves as a gateway topic to addressing experiences of diversity - allowing a flexible and expansive focus on topics. These are addressed through our events as the committee members and event guests navigate their intersectional identities and the challenges of living and working in a complex socio-historic context, a dynamic economic and technological region, and a turbulent political climate.

The WIA is pleased to announce the 2019 events theme: Advocacy. The events will address topics in advocacy scaling from self-advocacy to advocacy for others and advocacy for the community. As the year progresses, conversations will explore how articulating experience and goals can impact individuals both professionally and personally. The ultimate goal of this year’s events is to promote a more diverse and equitable field by enhancing communication and empathy.

Join us at the events listed below to explore more about advocacy! Both members and non-members are welcome.

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Expanding Structures: Confidence, Resilience, and Joy

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Library 150 East San Fernando Street San Jose, CA, 95112 United States (map)

In the final event of the year, the WIA is expanding its investigations of “structures of power” beyond the industry of architecture. The events early in the year focused on “structuring self” – looking inward with the support of others - mentors and coaches - to identify and address questions about professional trajectory and growth. The second part of the year, “negotiating structures,” looked outward to address specific challenges of developing productive patterns and relationships in the workplace environment through emotional intelligence and salary negotiation strategies.

The “Expanded Structures” event invites speakers from beyond the discipline to address themes that can be challenges across diverse industries – within a workplace and in client, collaborator, and consultant relationships.

The two featured speakers will address topics of equity across multiple industries. Both speakers are polymaths who have made an impact in diverse environments and industries, and who have worked to promote and engage women’s empowerment across these sectors.

A moderated panel discussion will follow the presentations and will focus on applying the presenters' insights to the profession and discipline of architecture.

Free to all AIA members (must be logged in to receive free admission). $20 for all non-members

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Dr. Martin Luther King Library
150 E. San Fernando Street
Room 225
San Jose

Parking lot across the street:
44 S Fourth Street, San Jose, CA 95112


Kim Walesh

Deputy City Manager and Director of Economic Development

Kim Walesh Headshot.jpg

Kim helps leaders collaborate across disciplines in order to enhance economic opportunity, strengthen sense of community, and foster environments that make people happier, healthier, and more creative.  She’s inspired to create the next generation of great cities that work for people and for business.  Kim has a strong track record of turning ideas into action, working with diverse interests.  

As Deputy City Manager, Kim provides leadership and strategic coordination to city departments shaping the future of the city, including economic development, planning, housing, and cultural affairs. She leads implementation of city’s comprehensive economic strategy to catalyze job growth, private investment, revenue generation, and talent attraction.  She oversees citywide initiatives in business retention and attraction, downtown development, cultural vitality, workforce development, and real estate.    

Prior to joining San Jose, Kim was co-founder and managing director of Collaborative Economics--a Silicon Valley-based consultancy that works with business and civic leaders to build stronger economies and better communities.   Kim also served as Senior Policy Analyst at SRI International’s Center for Economic Competitiveness. 

Kim is co-author of the books Grassroots Leaders for a New Economy: How Civic Entrepreneurs Build Prosperous Communities and Civic Revolutionaries: Igniting the Passion for Change in American Communities.  She has written more than 50 other reports and publications, including key documents about the Silicon Valley region.  She is a founding board member SPUR San Jose, the ZERO1 Art and Technology network, and the Prospect Silicon Valley innovation center. 

Kim holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and humanities from Valparaiso University and a master of public policy degree from Harvard University, where she was a Kennedy Fellow.   


Anne  Devereux-Mills

Founder  and  CEO  of  Parlay  House

Anne Devereux-MillsFJ6A8345ret.jpg

Anne  Devereux-Mills  is  the  Founder  and  CEO  of  Parlay  House,  a  salonstyle  gathering  of  over  4,000  women  across  both  San  Francisco  and  New  York  City  who  come  together  monthly  to  pull  each  other  forward  through  a  combination  of  shared  experiences,  meaningful  content  and  peer-to-peer  connections.     

In  2015  Anne  became  a  mentor  for  SHE-CAN,  and  organization  supporting  and  grooming  the  next  generation  of  female  world  leaders  coming  from  postgenocide  countries.  An  activist  on  issues  related  to  social  justice,  Anne  was  a  key  member  of  the  team  that  helped  pass  California's  Proposition  36,  which  brought  fair  sentencing  to  thousands  of  nonviolent  inmates  as  part  of  California's  Three  Strikes  reform.  Following  that  victory,  she  was  the  Executive  Director  for  the  Emmy-nominated  documentary  film  entitled,  The  Return.  Anne  supported  Stanford  University  by  serving  as  the  Executive  Director  of  Healthy  Body  Image  Programs,  which  then  grew  into  the  digital  mental  health  company  called  Lantern.   

Before  taking  on  these  roles  in  more  philanthropic  ventures,  Anne  was  a  single  mom  raising  two  daughters  in  the  New  York  area,  with  a  significant  career  that  specialized  in  the  healthcare  marketing.  Specifically,  she  was  the  Chairman  and  CEO  of  LLNS  and  TBWA/WorldHealth  (and  their  worldwide  marketing  network)  after  her  successful  roles  as  Chief  Integration  Officer  at  BBDO  and  Managing  Director  of  their  highly  successful  healthcare  unit.  She  also  served  as  CEO  of  Consumer  Healthworks,  a  division  of  Merkley  and  Partners,  as  well  as  President  of  Harrison&  Star.    She  is  currently  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Marchex,  a  public  company  in  the  mobile  technology  space.  Anne  recently  completed  a  successful  sale  of  a  home  healthcare  company  as  a  board  member  for  Angelo  Gordon,  and  was  a  founding  board  member  of  of  Braven,  a  non-profit  organization  which  focuses  on  identifying  and  empowering  our  nation’s  high-performing  yet  underserved  youth.  Anne  also  helped  launch  the  iHUG  Foundation,  a  not-for-profit  school  in  Uganda  supporting  some  of  that  nation's  most  needy  children.   

She  continues  to  participate  in  many  activities  that  mentor  and  nurture  underserved  women.    In  her  spare  time,  Anne  can  be  found  doing  motivational  speaking,  writing  a  book,  working  out  in  a  pilates  studio,  skimming  waves  on  a  paddle  board,  sitting  at  the  kitchen  counter  making  jewelry  or traveling  the  world.  Anne  is  a  Wellesley  College  graduate,  a  2003  Henry  Crown  Fellow  of  the  Aspen  Institute  and  a  member  of  the  Aspen  Global  Leadership  Network.  She  has  been  honored  by  a  range  of  organizations  including  SHE-CAN,  Advertising  Women  of  New  York,  The  All-Stars  Foundation,  and  Project  Kesher.


with Moderator:

Pam Anderson-Brulé, FAIA

Founder and President of Anderson Brulé Architects, Inc.


Pamela Anderson-Brulé is a founder and the president of Anderson Brulé Architects, Inc. Her career has been dedicated to creating an architectural design process that considers the holistic approach to achieving all of her clients’ vision for how they live, work, play, and thrive. She believes that truly exceptional architecture balances the human, social, economic and environmental needs of individuals and sustains the community in which it is created. Pamela’s postgraduate studies in business management have augmented her strong belief and emphasis in team building and expectation development. She is a careful communicator that believes in an inclusive and meaningful process whether for a large community project or an individual home.